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TORQ has the creativity to make your brand stand out and we have the DATA to PROVE IT. We can provide as little or as much support as your brand needs. Data Driven. Creative Focused.

Annual Brand Strategy

"All our resources tailored to be your own personal army of creatives"


  • Manage Strategy and apply digital infrastructure
  • Perform hybrid management tasks across platforms
  • Update Client Portal


  • Evaluate current strategy trajectory and trends
  • Measure Data Points
  • Chart KPI's


  • Use data collected to evaluate strategy
  • Cater to success.

  Our ABS Marketing program puts our entire data, marketing and creative teams at your disposal. We create and manage a completely unique strategy tailored to bring your brand to the next level. TORQ can provide as much or as little support as your brand needs. Mobile App support coming 2022.

Individual Services

“All our resources tailored to be your own personal army of creatives”




Business Plans

Crafted to lay out the means, methods and timeframes for the growth of the business. Our business plans will get you the funding and the trajectory you need. 

Expansion Plans

You have made it through the hard part and now have your eyes set on the next big thing. You know where you want to go, we can help you get there. 

Brand Consolidation

 TORQ takes a top down approach to ensure that your brand is unified and poised to reach your endgame.

Social Media

Manage as much or as little of your social media engagement depending on your needs and direction. Grow a following and transition that following to monetary means.

Data Services

Competitor analysis. Develope KPS’s. Dual SWOT Analysis. Micheal Porter’s 5 Forces Model. P&L Connections. Customer Retention Rates. Net Promoter Scoring. 

Data Driven Campaigns

Custom tailored plans for Advertising, Customer Acquisition, Email Marketing, Retention Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Conversion Optimization. Understand your KPI’s and use them to gauge our campaigns success rate. Understand your organizations NPS score and make more promoters!

Marketing Management

We place ads, manage campaigns and KPI’s all to your schedule and specs. Your entire remote marketing team. 

A-B Testing

Side by side testing applied to a full spectrum of our services. 

Site Optimization

Our specialists comb through your site and hosting to find optimization opprotunities to improve the function amd experiece of your website.

WordPress Migrations

We take your current site builder and transfer it to the WordPress platform. TORQ can teach you about your new site so you can be your own web master or we can manage your site for you!

Online Stores

We tailor a custom store to display not only your products but your brand image. Smooth function and integrations. Update inventory and keep up with seasonal marketing trends. 

Content Management

TORQ manages your site’s updates and frequent changes. Monthly or yearly plans available. 

Aesthetic Updates

Update the look, feel or function of your website while maintaining your current assets.

META Tagging

Tag all of your sites assets to improve your SEO and web utility. This gets you found more in more places. 

Custom UI/UX

Tailor your users experience and interface turn the most conversions possible. 

A-B Testing

Display two simultaneous websites and collect user data about function and experience to land on the most functional site possible. 


Custom made ads for any format fitting any campaign. We have Adobe Experts and can produce assets of any form. 


Lets design your next tshirt or swag item. TORQ works with clothing brands in different sectors and has supplied designs to some of the most notible brands. You might be wearing TORQ as we speak. 

Custom Packaging

Send us the cut out and well send you a beatiful custom design for your next big project. 

Content Management

TORQ manages your site’s updates and frequent changes. Monthly or yearly plans available. 

Motion Graphics

Custom motion graphics with either our designs or yours. Wow your next presentation with motion. 


Our expert design teams uses psychology and structure to make sure your logo draws the emotions that are synonymous with your brand.

General Graphics

PX Spec designs. Maps. Fonts. You name it, we design it. 

Photo Asset Campaigns

Get expert product pictures to display for your shop or restaurant. Our photo shop experts can alter photos you have or take original shot. 


Campaign Success Rate

We dont make promises we cant keep. We use data to set milestones and use data to reach those milestones. Our award wining creative team led by the helm of our marketing and data collection team gives your more than just a campaign.

Why Choose Us

  • Get an army for the cost of a soldier.
  • TORQ doesn’t do anything unless its done right. We don’t cut corners we cut pathways.
  • TORQ is with you as you grow. From startup to IPO
  • Extremely fast turn around for creative projects.
  • All the services you need, under one roof.
  • Our services are tailored for you. When using our annual plan, you can rest assured that your campaign and strategy are as unique as your organizations needs. We don’t use cookie cutter solutions but we sure do use cookies.

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