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TORQ’s creative minded and data driven approach drives the return on your investment (ROI) from places like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

What is SMM and SMO?

Social media marketing and social media optimization are the processes in which organizations manage their digital marketing and advertising campaigns to engage their target audience

Since the Mid 2000’s, social media has turned marketing and customer relations on its head. Brands can connect with their target audience more directly and intimately than ever before. Although many platforms were originally created to connect users, they continue to evolve. 

Social Media Tools

At TORQ Marketing, we see each social media platform for what it is, a tool. Each tool has different ideal functions. Our experts harness data to maximize the effectiveness of your content and stay ahead of market trends so you can keep doing what you do best. 

Competitor Analysis and Tracking

Take a deep look at your competitors’ demographic and touch points. Get alerted when your competitors post ads or content. See what content is working for your competition and what isn’t. See what time they post and where, then emulate and improve. Don’t spend time finding how to connect with your audience. Spend time connecting with your audience.

Hybrid Post Scheduling and Management

Do you like the control and intimacy of connecting with your audience through social media platforms but find yourself overwhelmed? TORQ offers AI intuitive post scheduling and management to determine the best times and frequency to post. Have more time to create and plan content. Focus on your assets not your platform.

Social Media Audit

A full review of your metrics to assess growth opportunities. Use this data to find ways to further improve your social presence and perceptions.

Asset Creation and Monitoring

TORQ creates audience driven content across all media types. This content will be formulated with a specific purpose such as audience growth, conversions or call to actions. TORQ keeps a constant eye on your content and split-tests to adjust for efficiency.

Monthly Strategy Sessions

Free Monthly consultations to answer questions and review metrics. Evaluate KPIs and make necessary adjustments.

Boosted Post Monitoring

Drive immediate results with a consistent and creative SMM strategy. Monitor boosted posts for efficiency and see where your money is being spent. Ultimately TORQ strives to create value through your ROI.

Spend Less. Get More.

Social Media Management Pricing 


Social Media

Doesn't Work

How Important Is Social Media?

More Than 67% of people use social media when deciding to make a purchase. Social Media is a crucial touchpoint for customers and their relationships with a brand. That is why companies invest in professional social media services. Our Experts can not only help you manage your account but can also create content and manage assets.

TORQ understands no business is the same, that’s why we have custom service options that we tailor directly to your organization’s needs.

Social Media

Battle Plans


Monthly Posts

Custom Visuals

Boosted Ads

Data Reporting

Client Portal

Competitor Tracking

360 Competitor Tracking

Data Based Strategy

AI Copy and Content Analysis

Dedicated Account Manager

Daily Monitoring

Rapid Customer Response Time

Personal Consultations

Onboarding and Optimization

Shared SEO-SEM Marketing Calandar

Cooperative Campaigns

Campaign Updates

Minimum Ad Spend Per Boosted Post


2 Accounts
Up to 30


Up to 50
10 Posts


Up to 80
24/7 Access
25 Posts


24/7 Access

SMM vs SMOWhat is the difference?



The differences between SMM (social media marketing) and SMO (social media optimization) are similar to the differences between SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine optimization). SMO refers to the organic means in which users interact with a social media page. This is typically formulated through producing superior content and using proper keyword strategy.



Measurable results

Data based social media marketing often produces direct results while social media optimization takes careful audience analysis, timing and strategy.  Having a page that sells itself is a great investment and pays for itself overtime. While SMO is the best strategy for long term growth, carefully investing in SMM can be extremely effective and is essential for growing pages and driving mass traffic.

When using TORQ Marketing’s SMM and SMO Management services, you know where your money is going and if it’s driving results. Don’t pay for fluff, pay for results.

Social Media Optimization

Floating Social Media TORQ

Social Media Marketing

I Don't Need

an Expert

Why Hire an Expert?

If you need to fix a cavity, you don’t go to a mechanic. If you need to fix your car, you don’t go to a dentist.

Social Media and its ability to connect with your organization’s target market is not something to take lightly. It’s the gas that powers a much larger engine. Modern social media platforms such as Reddit, Discord, and Patreon give brands, blogs and creators a chance to connect with their audience directly and monetize their moves.

Get in touch with a TORQ Marketing expert today and see if there is multichannel revenue left untapped.

Plan your engagement around your life. TORQ Marketing gives you an army for the cost of a soldier. Producing content, scheduling posts, tracking competitors, cross testing strategy, responding to followers and creating data maps to dicatate strategy all while staying original and consistent is hard. To a team of passion powered professionals, it’s fun.

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Content Is PainstaKing

What Makes Great Content?

What makes a great athlete, artist or musician? Our founders believe, in order to make something great you must first understand it. Not just that, you must emulate and improve. Having the tools to analyze and track your competition is crucial. Find out what types of content and advertising are gaining traction and most importantly where. Then use TORQ’s data-based strategy to improve content and reach a larger audience for less money.

How Often Do I Need Content?

The timing and frequency in which you deliver content to your target audience is crucial to impact the largest possible engagement.  By using TORQ Marketing’s social media management service your brand or organization will gain access to industry leading analysis tools.  We will give you the best information on when and where to post your valuable content.

Give the People What They Want

Some of the best content comes from your audience. From reposting posts, images, videos, memes, or online reviews, this kind of content creates a sense of assimilation with your audience. From content to product development, listening to your audience saves you money and turns your customers into promoters.

What are Net Promoters and What is an NPS Score?

A brand’s NPS (net promoter score) is an indexing metric ranging from -100 to 100.  This measures a consumer’s likelihood to recommend or promote a brand’s products and services. Ultimately, this metric determines customer loyalty. Using social media is a cost-effective method to directly connect with your audience and monitor their engagement to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in their digital journey.

“If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it .”

– Albert Einstein

Use Data. Don’t Let It Use You.

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