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Having a healthy website is the foundation of any successful SEO (search engine optimization) or SEM (search engine marketing) strategy.


What is SEM and How is it Different to SEO?

SEM is the paid way a website appears on a SERP (search engine result page) such as Google and Bing. SEO is the organic way a website appears on a SERP.

While SEM can drive immediate traffic, SEO can’t. Investing in proper SEO strategy can provide some of the best ROI (return on investment) in digital marketing. This all starts with optimizing the foundation and function of your content and structure. The TORQ Marketing Free Website Audit Tool can be the first step in finding and fixing the chink in your websites armor and preparing an effective SEO and SEM campaign to get your organization to the top.

In today’s market, having a poor SEO strategy is much like handing a client a business card in a hurricane. Get found. Monetize your moves.

If you have questions or need help fixing the errors on your WordPress website, get in touch with an expert today.


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Missing HTTPS Security

Having the latest security features for your site is more important than ever. When users are navigating SERPs they will immediate stay clear of sites with unauthenticated security. This is detrimental to a proper SEO foundation and can be fixed with a proper SSL Certificate. 

Contact TORQ with any questions.

Indexing Issues

Keeping track of your sites indexing is crucial. Indexing is how SERPs catalog your site. If your site has issues, it wont show up in results. This could result is massive ecommerce losses. Check your indexing status in your search console or by typing site: then your URL ex: into the browser. If the SERP shows  your page it is indexed. If you have indexed your site and are still unsure why it isn’t ranking, check Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to ensure your site’s content is compliant.

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Missing Sitemaps

Sitemaps help Google search bots understand your site page structure, so they can effectively crawl your site. Inspect your sitemap by typing your URL into the browser followed by “/sitemap.xml” EX. If you don’t have a sitemap, you can manually create one, get web developer assistance or download a WordPress plugin to create one such as AIO SEO.

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Missing or Incorrect Robots.txt

Robots exclusion protocol or robots.txt is a standard used by webpages to communicate with crawlers and other web bots. This is to prevent URLs from being overloaded with requests although should not be used as a means of hiding URLs from SERPs. To check for issues with your robots.txt, type your URL into a browser with a “/robots.txt” suffix. If this query produces a “User-agent: Disallow: / ” result then you have an issue. If your test produced “Disallow: /”, contact your developer as there may be a reason for this although, this can be detrimental for SEO and gaining organic traffic. 

Contact TORQ with any questions. 


NOINDEX is a tag used to signify to bots and crawlers that a page is not important and should not be indexed. This can effectively hide pages from SERPs and is commonly used when developing websites or on blogs with multiple pages. If this tag is not removed post development or not configured properly, it will completely prevent those pages from being found.

Using the TORQ Marketing Free Website Audit Tool will help you identify these tags and find the necessary fix.

Alternatively, right click on your page and select “view page source.” Then press (Ctrl + F) and search for “NOINDEX” or “NOFOLLOW”

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Slow Page Speed

Website load speed is a double-edged sword. When users arrive to a site with poor load speed, they will tend to return to the SERP for the next option. Website performance is a crucial part of the UI/UX (user interface / user experience).

Speed and function never get old. Google feels the same way. Over the past several years, Google has placed UI/UX and core web vitals at the front of its signal updates. In the summer of 2021 Google released the Page Experience Signal.  This signal will evaluate how users perceive the experience of interacting with a page and will be a part of the new signal ranking system. 

For questions about how you can improve your website’s load speed contact TORQ today!

Missing Alt Tags

A website full of images are not only appealing but a huge SEO opportunity. Alt tags are attributes that allow crawlers and bots to get more info about the image on your page. For example, when you go to Google Images and search “coffee” all the pictures that will show up have been alt tagged to your keyword.  Not only is this useful for getting found, its pleasing to your users. Find images that have missing alt tags by running the TORQ Marketing Free Website Audit Tool

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Poor or Missing Meta Tags

Meta Tags are the blurbs that describe the contents of the page on a SERP or social media post. Search engines use these tags to index your page. Using research targeted keywords will not only be stimulating to your target audience but will help your rankings. Running the TORQ Marketing Free Website Audit Tool is a free way to identify what pages have missing or poor meta tags. 

Contact TORQ with any questions.

Actionable Analytics

The TORQ Marketing Free Website Audit Tool is only the first step in optimizing your sites performance and visibility. TORQ offers robust SEO and SEM services tailored to your organization’s budget and needs. All of our services include in depth reporting that presents accountability and clear actionable steps.

Gain access to the TORQ Client Portal and see your sites performance at all times. Track keywords, competitors, and your campaigns all from your phone. Receive AI powered keyword and content ideas along with recommendations on where to earn links. Let our experts guide you through your SEO and SEM battle or manage the war for you.

At TORQ , you get an army for the cost of a soldier.

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